Thursday, June 11, 2009

Vacation here we come

Oh, it's been a long wait, but it's finally here, time for a few days away from work and lot's of fun.
We are headed to the North Shore on Lake Superior in Minnesota. I can't wait looking forward to getting some running and hiking in with the family on the SHT (superior hiking trail). They have a 100 there on the SHT and might half to give it a try sometime. We are also going to do a little canoing in the Boundary Waters so a wilderness vacation it will be. Except for a stop at the Mall of America on the way, not my cup of tea but the wife will enjoy it. I ran my ass off this week knowing I probably wont get in as much running as normal but some time off to heal up just might do me some good and we'll still be doing a lot of hiking and sightseeing so that will help. I still plan to get out early a couple times for some time on the trails. See you all in 10 days and will have a vacation report when we get back.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weekly notes 6-7-09

Monday I hit the Governs mansion after work for a nice and easy 9 miles. Tuesday I took a off. Wednesday was another run at the Gov's I hit it for 3.5 miles then looped back around for 6 more with a few of the Topeka trailgators. Thursday I hit the Gov's after work for 4 miles solo then 3 more with Kevin from work. Friday I hit the Gov's again after work for another 5.5 miles. Saturday morning I meet Hunter Munns and John Knowles for a trip to Banner creek near Holton for a couple 14 mile loops around the lake and a total of 28. It was a great day for running and was great to get out with them for a run. Sunday I was going to rest again, and it was hard, I kept telling myself to go run so I had to stay busy to keep myself from going out. It was like I was cheating on my girlfriend or something. I had decided to cut back a bit for the next couple weeks and let the body heal from months and months of hard training. Since we are leaving on vacation Thursday night for 11 days I thought this would be a good time for a break.
I'm sure I'll half to get in a few runs over vacation so we'll see how good a break I get.
Weekly totals:
59 miles
930 push ups