Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Year in Review

2011 year in review. I logged 3,543 miles of running and ran 7 races in 2011, and the Chicago Marathon with my sister. I helped my buddy Dave Wakefield on his attempt to break the Fastest Known Time on the 140 mile Kokopelli Trail. While I really wanted to run more races in 2011 especially 100 milers it just didn't work out. But, 2012 is going to be big if I can get it ironed out. Will make that announcement for 2012 soon. But here's the list of races, times and place of the races I ran in 2011:

2011 Races and Events

November 5th Ozark Trail 100 20:25 2nd

Sept. 24th Flatrock 50K 4:53 4th

June 25th Blackhills 100 DNF

May 14th Rock On Lake Perry 50K 1st 3:43 CR

April 23rd Freestate Trail Run 100K 1st 9:09.53 CR

April 2nd Rockin K trail marathon 3:36 1st CR

March 4th Nueses 50K 4:32 2nd

Chicago Marathon with my sister

Kokopelli Speed Record Attempt (Pacer, Crew)

Hawk 100 (Pacer, Crew)

Here's to a great 2011 and an even better 2012. Have a great 2012 running everyone.

Happy Running, Darin

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