Monday, July 20, 2009

Good training week

Had a good training week for the week after Psycho Psummer 50K. It's good to good to get back at it. It seems like when I don't have a big run to look forward to or to train for I get a little soft.
I still get my miles in but, don't seem to go at it as hard. This week I took Monday and Tuesday off to recover from Psycho, after I hit it for 12 the day after. I ramped it up the rest of the week and got in some good quality runs, faster than my normal pace. I also did a hill workout at the Gov's up and over the hill again and again for 4 miles after 5 on the trails. Saturday I hit a long run on county roads from Lyndon to Auburn for a total of 24 miles and change in 3:25. Was looking to get 20 in on Sunday but our good ol dog Salia passed away on Saturday night and had to take care of that first thing Sunday morning before the kid got up. So my Sunday morning run was pushed back to the late afternoon and by then was a little out of the mood but still had a good quick 10 miles 1:15. Ended the week with 5 runs and a total of 67 miles. Around my usual 70+/- a week in 6 days only this week did it in 5. Starting to look forward to Heartland 100, was trying not to ramp up to soon, so I think now is the time to start upping the miles with some back to back longs and putting in some quality runs. Also looking forward to going to Leadville next month and pacing Rick for 50 there, a little worried about running at that altitude, I really don't have any experience running at 10,000+ feet elevation. Going to hit some good back to backs with Rick over the next couple weekends so that will fun and be some good quality runs I'm sure. I think maybe I can keep up with him after he runs 50, but I will have fun trying to keep up with him off the get go.

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