Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Psycho Psummer 50K

Over the weekend I ran the Psummer Psycho 50K ultra marathon, at Wyandotte Co. lake park.

The race was put on by the Kansas City Trail Nerds and was as always a great event. I had heard rumors about how tough a course this was and it did not disappoint. Add in 85+ degrees and 90% humidity and it is even tougher. I went into the race wanting to run well but also knowing that it would be a challenge. The race started with a short paved section necking down to single track trail. I started close to the front and the pace at the beginning was brisk and steady, after we got strung out a bit the pace slowed to a more comfortable pace but still at a good clip. The first 5 or so miles are full of hills and I ran all but the steeper ones. So far so good, and the miles went by and my pace was still good. From the boy scout aid station there was a section of paved and gravel road that was very run able so I tried to make good time in this section. From there it was back to single track trail through the triangle and back to the start finish this section was not to bad hill wise but had some mud in spots to contend with. I finish the first loop in relatively good shape in 2:21 and around 5th place. The second lap I decided to take it easy on the first hilly section and save for running across the damn and the boy scout section. The heat and humidity were starting to take it toll and I started having some cramping problems in my calf's and even my thighs. I was carrying only one hand held which worked good for the first loop but was not near enough for the second adding to my cramping problems.

When I got to the boy scout aid station Lee Crane and Pat Perry took care of me like I was the president or something and got me another bottle to carry. The ice shower they had there was the bomb. From there I ran the paved/gravel section and picked off another runner or two. My calf's were still cramping but I was able to keep moving. The last section through the triangle and back to the start/finish I knew if I just kept moving I would secure a 3rd place finish. At the triangle aid station I was cramping bad again and Sophia ran back to the boy scout aid station to get me some more S caps while I ran the triangle, with some more S caps in me I was hoping I could run the last 4 or so to the finish. While I had some cramping the last few miles the closer I got the better it seemed to get knowing I was getting close to the finish. As I came out of the trail across the grass and to the finish the pace was good and the excitement of a good finish in sight. I crossed the finish line in 5:21 a good run for me and 3rd place overall. Ben Holmes came over to give me my finishers metal and congratulate me on a good race. The Kansas City Trail Nerds sure know how to put on a race and the volunteers are the best out there bar none.

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  1. We thought you were the president!
    Good run, man...