Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Per-Leadville Trail 100 thoughts

With the Leadville Trail 100 approaching fast, my thoughts have suddenly focused on the race. My training has been good but not where I would like it to be at this point. With the long recovery from Kettle and the heat and humidity, training has been tough. I have been logging some decent weekly mileage but, I have no runs longer than 20 miles. Every time I have tried to go over 20 the heat and humidity has killed me. Going into Leadville my only goal is to finish. I have no intention of trying to race as I have no experience running in the mountains or running at an average of over 10,000 ft in elevation. My plan is to go out and have fun, first and foremost and let the chips fall where they may. I have a couple races I'm going to run in the next 2 weeks as training runs. Friday night I'm running the 40 mile at Lunar Trek and next weekend I'm running the marathon at the Rock Creek Night Race. So hopefully I'll have a couple good training runs to get my confidence back up. I'm feeling a little more pressure for this race as a lot of my family is coming out to crew for me. My wife and son, mom, dad, and my sister and her daughter are all coming. Along with my aunt and uncle who live in Fairplay over the mountain from Leadville. My sister is a runner also and completed her first marathon last November. She is going to pace me for the last 13 miles assuming I make it that far. Good Ben Reeves is going to pace me from Winfield mile 50 back to May Queen mile 87. The countdown is on and the next couple weeks I'm going to hit it hard and then enjoy my taper time on vacation in Colorado the week before Leadville.

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