Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kettle Moraine training week 5

Monday: I took a rest day from running after 80 miles last week. Not a bad start for 3 week of total deconstruction and then 2 week of rest and low mileage till race day.
300 Push Ups
Leg workout squats, lunges and calf raises.

11 mile country road to Rails to Trails. 4.5 miles tempo run @ 7:15 pace. 6.5 easy on Rails.
300 Push Ups and Ab work.
Felt really good today, had a good solid run and got in a little ab work also. Meeting up with Dave Wakefield tomorrow for a trail run at the Governor's Mansion trails, so I'm sure that will be a good workout also.

15 miles at the Governor's Mansion with Dave. 15 or so miles in a little over 2 hours on trails was a good run. Thanks Dave for getting me to run my ass off.
300 Push Ups
Leg workout again today.
Feeling really good to this point and looking forward to putting together another good training week.

13 mile country road loop. Had another good run today, took it a little easier today. It was a great evening for a run.
300 push ups
Ab ripper X

No run today decided to rest for my long run Saturday.
520 push ups
Leg workout

28.5 miles from home to Melvern Lake Turkey point. Had a great run today was glad I took a rest day yesterday. Had a little extra pep in my step. Ran a consistent 8 mpm pace for 20 miles. My wife brought my sister out to the 20 mile point and she ran the last 8.5 miles with me. Always good to have some company on a long run.

20.5 miles from home to Melvern. Took it easy today it was all about putting miles on my ragged out legs today. Was a little chilly this morning but a good day for a run. Feeling really good about my training at this point. Don't want to jinks myself but I am running really well right now and feeling confident at this point. Hoping all the hard training will pay off on race day. There is something about running 100 miles I really look forward to. Hoping for a 19-20 hour finish at Kettle but we'll see you never know what might happen in a 100. Going to take Monday off and then hit it hard again next week. 87.5 miles this week and feeling really good with 2 weeks in a row over 80 miles. Legs feel good and strong and looking forward to another good week.

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