Monday, May 24, 2010

Week 3 Kettle Training

Monday was a rest day from running.
300 push-ups
Squats and lunges

11 mile country road loop. Ran really well today 11 miles at an average 7:02 pace.
Pace felt easy today, it's always good to have a few good days like this before a race.
Wish every day could go this good.
300 push-ups
Ab work

13 mile Lands End out and back @ Clinton Lake. Met up with Gary afterwards and helped mark another 7 miles of the Hawk marathon and 50 mile coarse. Ran and marked the course in a thunderstorm and was a prune by the end.
375 push-ups
Squats and lunges

Rain, rain go away. After 20 in the rain yesterday didn't feel like running in the rain again today. And the treadmill was not appealing either.
350 push-ups

Played hookie from work today. Slept in till 8:00 am. Went fishing with Jarret and met the wife for lunch. Then hit the road for 13 miles in the afternoon.

Volunteered at the Hawk trail marathon and 50 mile. Had a blast helping runners all day. Was a really good time and a good friend of mine Brad Bishop won the 50 mile.

Went out for an easy 17 miles today and explored some of the undeveloped rails to trails between Lyndon and Osage. Going to do some more exploring on thoses trails again soon.
Total for the week 61 miles. 13 days till race day.


  1. darin, looking forward to seeing you out there this weekend. this will be my first 100 mile attempt. i see on your side bar that you finished the raccoon in 18:35 - that is AWESOME!!! for this one i am just going for the glory of completion so i look forward to see you a few miles ahead of me :)

  2. kudos on the win - that is huge!