Monday, May 17, 2010

Week 4 Kettle Training

Monday: Rest day from running.
300 push ups and Leg workout
Tuesday: 11 mile country road loop.
300 push ups and ab ripper X
Wednesday: 14 miles at the Governor's Mansion trails
Good run 8.12miles in 1 hour then 6 miles easy.
300 push ups and Leg workout
Thursday: 11 mile country road loop.
Good run 6 miles tempo @ 7:00 7:15 pace
5 miles easy run home
300 push ups and short ab workout
Friday: Rest day from running.
500 push ups and Leg workout
Saturday: 26 miles @ Clinton Lake North Shore Trails
26 mile trail run ran some east and some hard. Nice day for a trail run.
Sunday: 16 mile country road loop.
Didn't feel like running this morning but went out and got in a good 16 miles.
Glad I got out even though I didn't want to at first.
Good training week with Kettle Moraine now less than 3 week away. All my little ailments seem to be a major problem now. It will only get worse a the race gets closer. Looking to get in one more good week then 2 weeks easy and rest before race day. 78 miles this week, not to bad would of liked to of gotten in some more but not a bad week. Three good week in a row now so hopefully it will pay off come race day. Hoping to run somewhere around 19 hours if everything goes good. Have started thinking of my plan and got some things together will start putting more together as I have more time when I taper.

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