Sunday, May 17, 2009

Berryman trail marathon race report

Let me start by going backwards a bit. This year I have went into a few races thinking I would do well and bombed or not run up to my expectation. I thought maybe, just maybe, I had lost a little speed since over the winter, I was training for my first 100. While I had been running lots of miles, I wasn't really running hard, just running long. I had a couple times in training and in races where I was, or felt like was running so bad that it just wasn't fun anymore. So for the last couple races I went in to just run, and not worry about my time or how I was running. Finally running became fun again and I was now motivated to keep going. Then on Wednesday night I seen on the trailnerds email list that Pat Perry had a few unused entry's for Berryman. I had wanted to run Berryman but had waited to long to get my entry in and it was full. When I got the entry I had not tapered or prepared at all. The RD would not let him transfer the entry so I had to run under the alias of Bob Hudges, not a big deal I wasn't going to win anything, I just wanted to run. The race started with a short out and back on a gravel road before hitting the trail. I started out at a good pace to get in front of most of the other marathoners. The first few miles flew by and I was still running at a good clip. Mile after mile went by and running was still coming easy and my pace was still good. I was telling myself there was no way I could keep that pace up for 26 miles. As I ran down the soaked trail and hurdled downed trees, and slopped through the mud in spots, nothing seemed to slow me down. It was a good feeling to be running so well for a change. As the miles clicked off and my pace held steady I just decided to see what I could do. I had my sights on a sub 3:45 marathon, I kept flying down the hills and keeping a steady pace going up. When I arrived at the last aid station with 2.3 to go. I still thought I could break 3:45, I ran my ass off but, every time I would get going good there would be another log jamb to break my stride. When I realized 3:45 wasn't going to happen I slowed a bit till I got to where the finish was in sight and sprinted across the line to finish in 3:48. My best run this year and it felt good to run good again. I stood around basking in my second place finish in the marathon and still in a little disbelief that I had run so good. Then I realized other runners were coming in and going back out for another loop, man was it hard to watch them go back out every ounce of my body wanted to jump back in there for another lap. I waited for Lee Crane to come through and head back out before we headed back home. When Lee came through I was so jealous he was going back out again, I had to sit on my hands to keep from going back out. If I hadn't of changed my clothes I might of just took off. Next year it's the 50 for me, but was just happy to get to run 26 this time. I won't procrastinate next year in getting my entry in.

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