Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weekly notes 5-24-09

Let's see I had a busy run and work week. Had a job to get out so it was early days, up and at work by 4:30 a.m. all week for a total of 54 hours, as almost every week anymore. I guess it's better than the alternative but man would I like to get caught up once. Monday, was a Monday from hell and was glad the day finally ended and I headed to the Governor's mansion for a few miles after work. Ran 5 miles solo and meet a couple co-workers who are new to trails for 3 more. Tuesday I took the day off with no running. Wednesday I hit the Gov's again for 10.25 miles after work. Got to run at the Gov's again on Thursday for 7.75 and again on Friday for 9.25 in 1:30. Saturday I hit the gravel roads for 14 miles and then ran 3.5 with my Mom and wife. Today I went to Melvern and hit the 10 mile horse trail for an interesting 10 miles the lake was up so there was water over the trail in 5 spots and had to do some bushwhacking and wading to get the loop in. I was going to do it twice but after the firsts lap experience I decided to run the (dare I say it pavement) around the state park and see all the crazy campers. I ran every road in the park for another 10 and man was the park full. When I go camping I kinda like to get away from people so it didn't really look like that much fun to me. I did get a lot of looks running thru the park with my pack on and mud up to my knees from the loop on the trails.

Weeks totals:

70.75 miles

830 push ups

60 lunges and squats


  1. so whats up next for you..Psummer Psycho?

  2. Yep Psummer Psycho is up next. Nothing for 1 1/2 months what ever will I do?