Saturday, May 9, 2009

Rock Creek #2 Proud moment

Rock Creek trail race #2 was today. It was a little cool this morning but perfect for running. I am proud as a peacock today. My mom and my wife both ran the trail 10K. Running on trails is a lot harder than just running on a road. I am so proud of them, they both finished the 10K coarse in under 2 hrs. It was both there longest runs to date, and for only running since late February the did awesome. Finishing a 10K is no small feat and even still heard talk about them running the 10 mile at Rock Creek #3. It just goes to show that no matter when you start you can still get out there and do it if you set your mind to it. I think they both had fun even though it was a little tough with all the hills and rocks, and hope they keep up the good work and will see them finish the 10 mile in July, and at night, how cool would that be. Thanks Willie Lambert, Great Planes Running Co. and all the volunteers who make it happen for another great event.


  1. Good job, Team Darin! Or is that Team Darcie!

  2. Wow! I didn't know Darcie and your Mom were out there AND running. Getting the family into trail running -- now that's an achievement!! I am totally impressed and slightly envious. Good job!

  3. AWESOME JOB! Glad to hear your ladies are getting into trail running Darin. The only problem with getting them hooked is that you lose your ultra crew! ;)

    Seriously, please tell Darcie and your Mom congrats! They are totally badass!