Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weekly notes 5-31-09

It was another good week with lots of running and an extra day off work. Monday was Memorial Day so I had the day off and spent the day with the family hanging out on the patio. We put a couple slabs of baby backs on the smoker and man were they good. I took Monday off from running to recover from the previous weekends runs. Tuesday was back to work, hit the Governor's Mansion trails after work for 10 miles 7 miles solo and 3 with a co-worker who I have recently got to start trail running. Wednesday it was kind of rainy so I hit the elliptical for an hour on cardio level 12 for 4.25 miles. Thursday was another run at the Gov's for 10 miles in 1:30. Friday I hit the Gov's again after work for another 10+ in 1:45 with 3 hill repeats. Saturday morning I took off from home and headed to turkey point at Melvern lake where I was going to meet the wife and kid for a day on the lake. It was a good gravel road run for just shy of 20 miles in 2:45 min. Sunday morning I met some of the Lawrence Trail Hawks for a 20 mile trail run on the North Shore Trails. Runner role call was Nick, Jim, Gary, Levi, Laurie and myself. We had a great time as always running and chatting as we ran, it's always nice to run in a group after running solo most the time. Other notes: I'm starting to get siked for my next 100 miler, there is something about trying to run 100 that really intrigues me. I love the feeling you get from pushing your body and mind to extremes. I know Heartland 100 is still 18 weeks away but I am really looking forward to another 100. My sister is coming home from Florida to pace me the last 20-30 or so at Heartland so that makes it even more exciting. I think I have decided to try and run the Ozark 100 also, exactly 1 month after Heartland so that will be a huge challenge to try and complete 2 100's in a month. But I love challenges and the intence training it will take to pull it off.
Weekly totals:
74 miles
700 push ups
60 Lunges and Squats

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