Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday 4-10-09

Thank God! Today was finally Friday, sick of work this week been swamped at work only got in 54 hrs this week in 5 days, but at least I don;t half to work this weekend. Went for a quick 8 mile county road run tonight. Ran 8 miles in 58:24. Looking forward to my weekend long run on Sunday, think I will shoot for at least 20 maybe 25-30 if I can make it work. Darcie has me busy building fence for her horse tomorrow going to try and get 8 in the morning before she gets around, then I told her I would go ant and run 4 or 5 with her, after we get some fence built.
Any way got in another 50 lunges L&R and 50 Squats L&R 40 Calf raises L&R. 310
Push Ups on max out Friday. If all goes well I'll have something to post tomorrow, otherwise it will be a lovely rest day as my friend Gary would say.

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