Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wednesday 4-29-09

O.K. I've been slacking on my blog. Let's see I don't think I've posted since Sunday, so let's get caught up. First, still working on my race report for Free State 100K, hope to have it up tomorrow. Sunday me and Gabe Bevan went out and pulled markers on about 6-8 miles of trail.
I'm not sure what was harder the last 10 at Free State or the 6-8 the next morning, man was I stiff and sore. On a good note we did manage to find a bunch of big fresh mushrooms which me and Jarret at for dinner Sunday night and they were good. Monday, me and Jarret went mushroom hunting at Melvern lake and hiked a couple miles for 1 measly mushroom. I did manage to get in 100 push-ups. Tuesday I got in 4.5 easy cardio level 10 on the elliptical in 60 min. and 100 push ups. The back is still giving me problems may need to see the chiropractor.
Today I hit it for a 7 mile easy run in 60+ min. and 150 push-ups. Still a little sore from the weekend and my legs and ankles are swollen a bit. Nothing like after Rocky but swollen none the less.


  1. Darin, congrats on another great race. Still waiting to see results, but you beat the storm, and that means you were pretty fast. Great job in challenging conditions! Looking forward to your report. -- gary

  2. Darin, thanks so much for everything. Donating your wife's help, running so inspirationally, hunting for mushrooms, pulling flags! You are such an inspiration. Ok I've said that twice. Count Ben and me in for your 40 birthday fest. Not sure we can keep up with you, but we'll try!

  3. Cool my first takers for my birthday bash run..