Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday 4-13-09

I was going to take the day off today, but I was feeling guilty for eating all the Easter candy, yesterday and today. I think I ate 6000 calories of candy, very unusual for me, I'm not really a chocolate or candy eater but for some reason it was very addictive yesterday. Hit the elliptical for 4.6 miles in 60 min. on cardio max level 14. This new elliptical I got is a workout, not sure the miles are right, or my old one was way off. I could get 7-9 miles on the old one and it's all I can do to get 4.5 on the new one in an hour. The tension is way way better with the magnet rather than the break, the old one once you got it going it would loose the tension. On level 14 it is all I can do to keep it going with arms and legs. Got in 200 push ups and my reg. 50 Lunges L&R and Single Leg Squats L&R, threw in 30 Single Leg Calf raises also, something I picked up from P90X. Also kept all the push ups from P90X also, and alternate from wide, narrow, triangle and staggered push ups.

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