Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday 4-20-09

This is great less than a week till Free State 100K and I have all kinds of problems. My back being the biggest problem. I knew I should of rested yesterday but ran anyway, thought it was O.K. at the time but afterwards it got very painful. This morning was terrible I couldn't hardly get my pants and shoes on. The fencing and running after I injured it did me in. And if that wasn't enough have had this cough and chest congestion since helping the in-laws burn pasture last week. This crap is like glue and I half to cough it up to get it out. Going to take the week off and try and get healed up by Saturday. Hopefully my back will get better before then and maybe I could get in a little run before Saturday. No push-up or anything today. Was going to skip the squats and lunges this week anyway and let the legs rest.

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  1. REST! REST!! REST!!! Geez Darin, you are an animal, but even animals need to rest and heal! See you on Saturday!