Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday 4-17-09

Feeling a little bit better today, might have had some smoke inhalation from helping the in-laws burn off the pasture. Got in another 54 hour week at work and took off from home after work toward Melvern lake. My wife was going to meet me out there for a short run on the horse trails while looking for some morels. Got in 9.8 miles in 1:15 on the way out then went for another easy 2 with the wife while mushroom hunting. Hit several of my honey holes and found one patch with 3 little morels. Need some more warm weather and they'll be up. Also did 250 push up and 40 Lunges and Squats. Have a full day planed tomorrow so hope to get in some miles tomorrow at least. Looking forward to Free State next weekend. Need to start tapering but for some reason I don't taper very well.

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